Get answers to some frequently asked questions about our home remodeling and renovation projects. Contact Stone Cabinet Works for a FREE design consultation today to get started with your project.

I want to remodel my kitchen, so where should I start?

Visit the Stone Cabinet Works showroom at 7075 Grand Ave. Gurnee, IL to get ideas for your custom remodel. Pick cabinet door styles, colors, sizes and get easy measurement instructions from our experts. You'll get a FREE estimate and a 3D plan from our designers.

I want to renovate my entire home, can you help?

Yes, our design and renovation specialists will help throughout the entire process with help from design and measurement to installation and upgrades.

Can I just order cabinets without installation service?

Yes, our designers will create the custom cabinets that suit your vision and needs. We can work with your installer to ensure the best results.

I want to sell my home, so should I remodel beforehand?

If you are selling your home, you want to get the best value. It all depends on how much you want to invest in remodeling your home and how much you get back from your investment. Remodeling can also help you sell your home quickly, so that is something to consider. Visit our showroom and speak with one of our real estate consultants to learn more about which areas you should invest in remodeling around your home to get the best value from your investment.

I renovated my kitchen with elite cabinets, but there are still cracks between the stiles and rails of the cabinet door. The company told me this is normal. Is this true?

With natural all-wood cabinets, it is unavoidable to have small cracks between the pieces of wood. Wood pieces expand with the temperature, so small hairline cracks can occur. Contact your manufacturer to learn more.

How long does it take to get the cabinet organizer delivered?

It totally depends upon the type, size, and availability of the organizer you purchased, as well as their final destination.

Do all our organizers come with soft close hinges or slides?

No, all our organizers do not come with soft close hinges and slides.

Where stone cabinet works situated?

Our showroom is situated in Gurnee.  Our proper address is Stone Cabinet Works 7075 Grand Ave Unit #3B Gurnee, IL 60031.

How much does our organizer costs?

It depends upon the type of organizers like whether you want chrome wired or other wood species like oak, maple, cherry organizers.

Do we provide fully assembled cabinet organizers?

Yes, we do provide fully assembled, pre-assembled cabinets organizers which are easy to install and customize according to your need.

What should I have to put in my lower kitchen cabinets?

Heavy skillets and saucepans, pots, cookware lids, baking pans, and dishes

And heavy appliances liver mixer grinder, food processor, etc.

How do I decide where to put my items in kitchen cabinets?

For that, just divide your kitchen cabinets into three zones i.e. consumable, non-consumable, cleaning zone. The consumable zone is used for food while the non-consumable zone is for everyday dishes which include glasses, bowls, plates, and silverware. The cleaning done area includes dishwasher items.

What do I store in the pull-out cabinet?

You can store multiple small items like little bottles of spices and herbs, small vegetable cans, different sauces, and vinegar bottles, etc.

How to organize my kitchen cabinets?

It’s easy to organize your kitchen cabinets with the help of organizers. You just have to sort out everything by category or by their specific designate area for each type of item.